Property Management

The day-to-day management of residential property encompasses everything included in our ‘Letting’ service as well as the following:

Setting up payment of utility / media* & local authority accounts in the Tenant’s name(s)

Taking meter readings upon check in (& check out) ensures the tenants are set up to make accurate payments to all relevant utility providers. The council are informed for payment of council tax & we help the new tenants communicate with *media companies whom will assist with the provision of TV/ internet & phone connections.

Collecting & accounting on rent in advance paid by the Tenant

All of our tenancies, the vast majority of which are of the Assured Shorthold type, involve the Tenant(s) paying the rent in advance. CDJ collect & forward rent for our clients on a monthly/ quarterly basis. Sending our clients periodic statements allows us to stay in touch & communicate any issues, answering any queries where necessary.

Overseeing maintenance issues on behalf of the Landlord

Working with trusted contractors, with whom we have long standing relationships, ensures any remedial works are carried out efficiently. Except in the case of emergencies, Landlords are informed of any necessary maintenance expenditure in advance of works going ahead.

Safety certificates

Are renewed during the tenancy as necessary with copies supplied to the Tenant & held on file.

Quarterly inspections

Are carried out on behalf of the owner with any proactive suggestions of beneficial maintenance works reported to the owner.

Post tenancy queries

Any necessary remedial works are reported to the owners, with deductions made to the Tenant’s deposit where applicable.

Further details of our comprehensive Property Management service can be found within our Terms of Business. Please contact us for details.