Charles David James reputation for finding suitable tenants for their clients’ properties is underpinned by minimising the risk associated with letting ones property. 

The steps briefly broken down below have ensured that all tenancies concluded at CDJ have done so without any rent arrears, dating back to our first letting, a one bedroom apartment in Barnsbury, in 2009. 

Often referred to as “Let Only”, where Charles David James are instructed to find a suitable tenant for a landlord, with the landlord looking after any maintenance* issues once the tenant has moved in, the following is included within our service:

Professional photography & producing a floor plan of the property

We deem this as essential. Given the vast majority of tenants commence their search online it is essential that good imagery of the property is available together with an accurate floor plan. 

Be it a modern apartment within a large new development or a quirky period conversion, your property may well be listed alongside a number of other properties on property portals such as ZooplaRightmove. Charles David James will take the time to talk you through how to best present your property, whether it is currently occupied or otherwise, in order to best capture the property & ultimately lead to enquiries & offers expressing interest. 

Organising safety certificates

CDJ are required to hold on file the certificates providing proof of regulatory checks on any gas appliances, an electrical certificate & where necessary checks on fire safety of all soft furnishings.


Once the property particulars have been produced & draft details shared with the landlord the property will be circulated to our registered database of applicants & advertised online. 

Given we have been operating in residential lettings since 2009 it is not unusual for applicants & corporate firms to register interest in advance of properties coming available for their preferred areas. 

Charles David James also regularly work alongside relocation firms specialising in Corporate Relocation of their client’s staff. Tenants have been acquired for our clients’ properties on this basis from organisations including FT, Google, Facebook, Wells Fargo, BHP Billiton & GDF Suez. Please get in contact should you wish to discuss references from our clients at these properties.

Subscriptions are currently held with our partners at the property portals including Rightmove,ZooplaPrimeLocationensuring fantastic online exposure for our clients’ properties. 


All viewings are accompanied. 

Prior to showing your property to prospective tenants Charles David James will have:

I)             Walked through the property with the landlord to learn about the specific quirks of the property. This will enable the negotiator to point out the key features of the property as well as some not so obvious advantages of the place they are viewing.  Charles David James do not believe in visiting a property for the first time with applicants in tow. 

II)           Discussed the position of the interested party to make sure they are suitable for the property. Further detailed References will be gathered, by our third party Reference Agency, should the landlord reach an agreement to rent the property to the applicant. 

Consulting with the landlord following interest in their property

Once Charles David James have received one or more offers of interest in the property contact will  be made with the landlord to discuss the pros & cons of the ‘offer’ & advice on suitability. 

Should the landlord accept an offer to rent their property to an interested party they are doing so ‘Subject to References’. This gives the landlord the opportunity to review references for their prospective tenant provided by a combination of employers, previous landlords & credit searches. All of which are verified by the external reference agency working on behalf of CDJ, & compiled within their report.


As mentioned above, references for each of the tenants to be added to the Tenancy Agreement, form a key part of the paperwork leading to a successful letting. 

Prospective tenants complete an online mandate providing details of their employers; three years worth of previous addresses & any previous landlord referees. References are then requested, not by the applicants themselves, nor the staff at CDJ, but by the external reference agency whom oversee the process & produce a report on each applicant. The results of which are considered by the landlord prior too entering into a Tenancy Agreement with the prospective tenant(s). 

In addition to consideration of the References gathered we encourage our Landlords to meet in person with tenants prior to the commencement of the tenancy. 

“Right to Rent” & ID checks

In order to meet the Right to Rentlegislation all applicants are required to complete a ID check, again verified by our external reference agents, with copies of passports & where applicable visas, held securely on file during the term of the Tenancy Agreement. 

Deposit Registration

A number of Tenancy Deposit Schemesare available to our clients. CDJ will discuss the options available & together with the landlord ascertain which is the most suitable. The Tenancy Agreement will be drafted to reflect this & the deposit monies received from the Tenant allocated as necessary & certificates produced & circulated prior to the commencement of the Tenancy.

Drafting Agreements

An appropriate Tenancy Agreement will be drafted. The vast majority of the time this will take the form of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. The lease will be drafted to take into account the Terms agreed with the Landlord reviewing the Agreement & CDJ answering all queries before both parties signing electronically.

Overseeing the payment of rent in advance 

CDJ will take receipt of the initial rent instalment from the Tenant & account to the Landlord. Depending on the landlord’s preference this shall continue throughout the term of the Tenancy Agreement, with a statement updated to coincide with each rent payment. Alternatively a standing order shall be setup from the Tenant’s account to make payment directly to the Landlord, should this be our client’s preferred route. 

CDJ hold Client Money Protection with Money Shield.                    

Organising an independent inventory, check in & releasing the keys(!)    

CDJ can organise an independent firm to draft an inventory check in at the commencement of the tenancy. Once signed & agreed to this provides a record for both the Tenant & Landlord to refer back to at the end of the Tenancy. 

Even where properties are unfurnished, the Schedule of Condition, included within the Inventory report, can assist with any discrepancies over the return of the property at the end of the Term. 

Inventories contain a large number of digital photographs as well as detailed report. 

During the Tenancy

Where appointed on this ‘Letting Only’ basis the Landlord will be the point of contact should the Tenant(s) have any maintenance queries.

Please Get in touch to discuss our service in more detail. Alternatively further info can be found on Property Management& market appraisals can be arranged here with a view to getting your property on the market.