Charles David James, incorporated in 2009

Prior to which Charlie had spent a number of years in the industry for a leading local letting agent, initially on Parkway in Camden Town, followed by opening an office on Highbury Barn & finally overseeing a large portfolio for clients from the flagship office on Islington’s Upper Street. It was this final post which forged the concept for the new venture:

To provide a better service for a smaller number of clients.

It is no secret that letting agents, like many in the sales sector, work on a commission basis. However many firms find themselves stretching their employees in order to meet the hefty overheads associated with office space, staff, cars etc. The staff themselves incentivised to take on as many sales or lettings as possible in order to bring in revenue for the company & increase their own slice.

However this pressure to constantly increase numbers is what often leads to the less than satisfactory level of service so often associated with estate agency.    

Charles David James is structed with a view to spending sufficient time communicating with clients both before an

instruction is taken, in order to allow us to understand our clients needs, as well as allocating sufficient time & resource whilst a transaction is going through. 

There is plenty of paperwork associated with a new letting: memorandums, referencing suitable parties & drafting appropriate agreements. All of which requires attention on behalf of our clients. 

A combination of taking on properties suited to this approach & our experience in overseeing the both the initial letting & ongoing property management has led to many of our clients offering warmfeedback.

The view from our first offices on Ronalds Road - Highbury

The view from our first offices on Ronalds Road - Highbury

Gilbey House - the site of a former Gin Factory, NW1

Gilbey House - the site of a former Gin Factory, NW1



Initially based in serviced offices overlooking Highbury Fields & since 2011 from our current site in Canonbury Yard.

Charles David James is what is now more commonly referred to as a hybrid agency. Whilst it is not our choice of phrase(!) hybrid in, this instance, is referring to utilising all that is best about modern technologies, including a largely online marketing presence, whilst retaining an ‘in person’ approach. Something we have found essential when working with people & property.

The advantage of this to our clients? Reduced fees in comparison to our competition whom more often than not are shouldered with hefty overheads, not least their own shop front rental costs.

Whilst the majority of commentary on hybrid agencies refers to only the past couple of years, a period of market uncertainty & the appearance of online only agencies, Charles David James have been established for ten years in 2019.


We have undertaken the letting & subsequent management of a many varied type of property over the years. Ranging from double fronted houses in Highbury Fields through to open-plan live-work spaces close to our offices on the edge of Shoreditch.

Canonbury Yard, Canonbury N1

Canonbury Yard, Canonbury N1

During this period we have carved out something of a niche in managing property for clients relocating overseas. At the time of writing our manageable portfolio of properties we maintain & collect the rent for & on behalf of clients, are based in:


Dubai | Sydney | New York | Copenhagen | Frankfurt | Hong Kong | Bangkok | San Fransisco | Stockholm | Los Angeles | Singapore | Washington DC

We are able to offer prospective clients of ours assistance in setting up their homes, with the relevant advice in order for them to be ready to be marketed to rent; guidance overseeing the process of the letting & subsequent property management.

This has led to a number of our clients, being professionals themselves, looking for a suitable tenant(s) for their home or investment whilst they themselves often live abroad.

Ensuring that their own property is looked after & their property maintained.



Charlie has worked across all aspects of lettings & property management since 2003. 

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife, their young daughter; running marathons, (albeit a few years ago!) & slowly renovating their own home in north London.